Reza Hussein– Tech Guy

“I worked with Greg on several AngelHack hackathons and was impressed with his leadership and the ability to run a well executed operation.”

Casey Lau– Co-Founder of StartupsHK, Mentor at Chinaccelerator, Community Development Manager, APAC for SoftLayer, an IBM company

“Greg is a smart guy and knows hackathon’s and is great at sharing his knowledge and expertise when I worked with him as a mentor at AngelHack Hong Kong. I would enjoy working with him again on any startup related events in Asia.”

Kaitlin Dunning– Student obtaining MA in Transnational Media and Globalisation

“Gregory is a one of a kind entrepreneur. His can-do and self starter attitude are what make him so successful. Thanks to Greg’s vision, Angelhack was the best Hackathon that I have ever had the pleasure of attending and assisted organizing. Not only does he display a high level of professionalism, but he is an all around great person to work with, and a fun guy to be around.”

George Yury Revutsky– Founder at ROI.works Digital & Conversion Nerds

“Greg is very focused on making the developers and entrepreneurs he comes in contact with successful. Whether it be an introduction, advice, or a beer, he’s there for the developer community 1000%. He is a true evangelist for hackers and the hacker mentality.”

Greg Osuri– Systems programmer with a deep passion for automation at scale

“He was fantastic to work with. Greg is a reliable, dedicated and energetic expert who can be trusted. Lots of work and little talk. Deliver results and move on. That’s Greg’s way. Greg definitely shines in a fast-paced environment.”

abby Schaefer– NOTABLES board president at Miami Jewish Health Systems

“Gregory is a very smart and inventive young man on the rise.”

Robert Fast– CEO at Florida Business Counsel, P.A.

Outstanding transportation company which serviced my and many other students’ needs. (In regards to Weekend Gator)

Lesbia (Les) Hansen– VP of Sales to Latin America at DESIGN-GO UK

“It is my pleasure to recommend Greg.

He is an entepreneur individual, intelligent, hard working, creative, positive and fun to work with, honest, dedicated, and a great motivator.

I am sure he will be a great addition to any company where he goes to work.

You can contact me if you have further questions about Greg’s abilities. I will be more than happy to answer them.”

Chong Luo– Private Wealth | Investment Advisor at JP Morgan

“Greg is one of the most charismatic people that I know. An entrepreneur at heart, he has a phenomenal way of connecting with everyone he meets. While we worked together at the Southwestern Co, I have always been impressed with his positive attitude and uncanny ability to be a creative problem solver. He is always a lot of fun to work with and possesses skill in inspiring others to roll up their sleeves to work hard and have fun like him. Greg is truly an asset on any team”