Top Reasons to Travel Alone

gregory-gopman-solo-travelI travel all the time and I absolutely love it. I have seen all corners of the globe but there are still tons of places I need to see. I wish I could see them all now but the hunt and thrill of finding a new and different place off the beaten path is a real rush. Every time I travel there is always something outstanding and memorable. I have traveled by land, air, and sea, with friends and without them. Some of my best trips have been booked, traveled, and experience alone. Contrary to people’s thinking, traveling alone does not mean you have to be alone or you wont have fun. Its quite the opposite actually. Traveling alone opens you up to tons of opportunities and allows you to really open your eyes and heart to the rest of the world. The list below will give you all the information you will need to determine if your next vacation will by flown solo, or not. Happy travels! Feel free to check out the video version here.

Easier Planning

When friends and family aren’t involved with a vacation its much easier to plan your getaway. You have all the time in the world to pick where you want to go, when you want to go, and how long long you want to be away. Looking for a relaxing vacation? No problem, book one. Looking for an action packed thrill ride? Theres plenty out there, book it. The possibilities are endless and the beauty of traveling alone means it’s all up to you.

Me Time

Traveling with only yourself allows you a wonderful amount of freedom and time to reflect on what’s around you. You will be deaf to outside noise and problems back home. There won’t be any reminders of the real world (make sure you turn off your email), and you can focus on whatever you heart desires. Come up with fun ideas or areas to improve your life. It’s your vacation at the end of the day and you can take all the “me time” you’d like.

Master of Itinerary

As mentioned earlier, you can make your vacation anything you’d want to. If you’d like to spend all day at the resort spa, you can do that. If you’d like to go ATVing in the morning, and dancing at night, it’s your will and your command. The activities are seemingly endless when you’re traveling and going alone allows you to structure your day any way you want. If you’ve never traveled alone before, you will know what I’m talking about soon enough.

Make New Friends

This is by no means a requirement, or a suggestion, but merely a possible option. You can travel alone and spend the entire time to yourself, or you can meet new compadres along the way. In every one of my solo travels I have met new and interesting people from all around the world. I experienced new and exciting things with them and built lifelong friendships out of them. I still remain in contact with tons of my traveling friends and have grown my network extensively. This can also play to your advantage later in the future where you may meet them in another country on a different trip or stay with them in their home city when you don’t feel like paying for a hotel. Making new friends or not, you’ll still have a blast.

Better Traveler

Traveling alone will allow you to build your confidence in all facets of your life. If you can book a successful journey to China and accomplish everything you set out to do, then you can do anything in my eyes. You’ll not only grow as a traveler and become more culturally wise, but you’ll grow as a person, and that’s not something you can pay for. You will pack smarter, book plans easier, and become a travel wizard among your friends and family.

Get out there and start booking your next vacation!


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